Why Eat Healthy? – Tips to Help

Why Eat Healthy? – Tips to Help

As I get older I realized I am reaching that critical age. I hear of more and more people around my age suffering from blocked arteries, having to have heart by pass surgery or have had heart attacks and I’m only in my 40’s! Scary!

More young people are suffering from illness that used to only happen in the older generation. People in their late 60’s, 70’s or higher, not before they reached 50 and definitely not while they were in their 40’s.

They say people are living longer but in what condition are they living in I ask?

Today’s society expects easy assessable food therefore people are eating convenient food rather than cooking. It is easier to stop off and grab a ready made meal, fast foods or take away on the way home, than to cook.

Also more people are eating out, going to bars and restaurants for their meals. But all this means is, they are eating foods that are higher in fats and sugars or meals in lovely rich sauces, which are high in fats or food that is high in cholesterol such as seafood.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying you cannot enjoy these types of food, but not on a daily basis.

Eating these types of meals every day can lead to higher cholesterol levels, diabetes, blocked arteries and heart problems to name a few. Today these have become a young person’s illness.

I know myself I have cut my family back on our fat intake and am looking at a healthier way of cooking and preparing our meals.

Yes I am cooking more meals rather than going out or buying convenient ready made meals.

I look at healthier choices such as lean meats, adding more fish and poultry and less red meats. I have even started having more vegetarian meals but I still like to get my protein from meat so will not completely cut meat from our diets. I have no problems with vegetarians, that’s great it is your choice but I like meat.

I am also looking at healthier oils over butter and lard. I prefer to use light oils when cooking and olive oil in dressings as the olive oil is better for you when it has not been cooked.

Try to cut back on sauces and use more herbs and spices for flavours.

When making a sandwich choose healthier bread or buns such as whole grain or brown over white. Use more filling and flavourings such as chopped herbs or ground seasonings (not salt) or pickle spreads that are low in salt and sugars, and cut out the use of butter or margarine.

Remove the skin from your chicken pieces when cooking or when you roast a chicken then remove the skin once cooked do not eat it. I know it’s tempting to eat but it is high in fat! This goes for turkey, goose and duck as well.

Trim the fat off your meat to make it leaner or if it comes cooked with the fat on then don’t eat the fat, cut it off. Fat is fat and you are only needing a little amount for a healthy body, and you will get enough from the meat itself.

Having a healthier lifestyle is easy and by using these little tips will be a good place to start from.

Remember we are supposed to live longer so let us do it with a healthy body. Stop abusing your body with foods it cannot cope with and go healthier. Your body will love you for it.