Stress Can Cause Health Problems

Stress Can Cause Health Problems

Stress in small amounts can make you more efficient than you normally are. However, as your stress level escalates. You become less and less functional. Aside from that, stress can also cause health problems.

In some ways, stress can be comparable to beer. If you drink a small amount of beer, you get a buzz and you feel elated. Drink more and you get groggy, your reflexes slow down. You become irritable and may get into fights with the people around you. You may even get depressed and start bawling about your problems. Stress works the same way. However, unlike beer the effects last longer and are sometimes harder to get over. More than that, stress can also cause a myriad of health problems.

You should never take stress for granted or write it off as an inconsequential effect of work life. It is not something a lazy employee makes up just to get out of work. No. Stress is a serious matter and it is something you should act on immediately.

Health problems caused by stress can vary from the most benign of symptoms such as knots in your stomach and cold sweat. You may get these two symptoms quite often, especially if you are in a high-pressure environment. Stress can also cause serious health problems. These health problems include hypertension, diabetes, stroke and heart attacks. It can also increase your pulse rate and breathing. Aside from that, stress can cause health problems such as skin outbreaks. Some people suffer from severe stress related eczema, acne, and dandruff. Those three conditions can be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Aside from the physical, stress can also cause you mental health problems. Stress induced psychological problems that you may experience often. These problems include irritability, inability to concentrate, shortness of temper, inability to make decisions and so on. Stress can also cause health problems in relation to memory. A lot of people have reported that they experience an inability to recall stuff when they are in a very stressful situation. Studies have shown the stress related mental problems mentioned are reversible and will go away as soon as the cause of stress is removed.

However, stress can also cause more serious mental health problems such as insomnia and even depression. Stress can cause your mind to go on overdrive. So much so that even when you sleep your mind cannot rest. It continues to run, obsess and figure out ways to relieve your condition.