Healthy Tips For a Pug

Healthy Tips For a Pug

Pug health requires that you brush their coat at least once a week and a bath whenever they require it. The Pug dog will shed a lot, so by brushing often you can help reduce the amount of fur that coats your furniture, car and clothes. There isn’t much that goes into the daily care of a Pug, but you need to pay special attention to the wrinkles on a Pugs face.

Pugs are naturally curious and as a result stick their nose into a lot of things. This means the wrinkles easily become full of dirt and require regular cleaning. There is also the chance of moisture building up in the wrinkles, which can cause itching, irritation and occasionally a bad infection. But cleaning the wrinkles isn’t that difficult, you just need a soft tissue and make sure you clean the wrinkles on a regular basis to keep the buildup down.

As with all dog breeds you want to make sure you regularly trim your Pugs nails. Pug health depends on the trimming since nails that are too long can become caught in blankets or other things. Longer nails also cause pain for your Pug when walking. Even if you don’t want to trim your dog’s nails there are plenty of vet and grooming places that could do it for you. Keep an eye on the nails and don’t let them get too long since they will grow very fast.

Pugs are different from other breeds in the sense that they do like water. So when bathing the only real difficult part is to avoid getting water in the ears, which can lead to ear infections and don’t get shampoo in the sensitive eyes. If your Pug really enjoys water and wants to play then take the time to play with them while they are in the bath to make bathing an enjoyable event for both you and your Pug.

Keeping the ears dry and clean is another important part of caring for Pug health. Pugs are prone to ear infections due to their narrow ear canal. When you clean the ears regularly you should always use soft tissues or a cotton ball and never a cotton swab. If your Pug is shaking it’s head a lot or scratching their ears then you should take them to the vet to have their ears checked. If there is a weird smell in the ears then you will also want to seek medical attention since this can be a sign of a fungus or ear infection.

Owners will often have a bottle or two of old ear drops around the house since Pugs get ear infections so often. Although you don’t want to use these since it can make the infection worse. It is best to use them only under the approval of a licensed veterinarian and only if you have cleaned the bottle very well and stored it in the refrigerator.