7 Healthy How to Tips for Using a Juicer

7 Healthy How to Tips for Using a Juicer

There are many tips you need to know about using a juicer that are very helpful. Many people use juicing because of the powerful supply of vitamins and minerals provided from the vegetables and fruits. It can be part of a balanced diet through menu planning. There are two main kinds to use. One is the centrifugal and it juices most foods that contain a higher water content (for example: strawberries) and the other is the masticating type that chews food with a low water content (for example: wheat grass ).

Below you may find some healthy how to tips that may aid in using a juicer.

1. Shopping – Try to find fresh fruits and vegetables that have not been sprayed or treated with chemicals. Using organic fruits and vegetables is best although they may cost more, but generally they are natural and free of pesticides. Also try to avoid molded or damaged produce because this is not good for the body and neither is the taste. If you juice regularly watch the price of fruits and vegetables and buy whatever is on sale (if you like it and it is what you need), this may help if you are trying to budget or save money.

2. It is best to make the juice just before consumption to get the best health benefits. Drink it immediately after juicing for full health benefits. The enzymes in the juice are destroyed by air if not taken within minutes. The taste will be refreshing and wholesome.

3. Always wash or clean the produce thoroughly before using. Some may have some residue of chemicals or pesticides if it is not organic.

4. Be careful not to use the skin from citrus fruits while juicing like; oranges, grapefruits, lemons because they are bitter to the taste. Remove the seeds from the apples because they are toxic.

5. Remove all pits from fruits such as plums, peaches prior to juicing because it may damage the machine and not to mention what it will do to your digestive tract.

6. You may have to cut the fruit into smaller pieces to fit. It depends on the chute or tube size that you put the food in.

7. Always properly wash and clean your it immediately after use to prevent bacteria build up and to ensure it is ready and running properly the next time.

A note of inspiration: You may try growing a few easy vegetables on your own, especially tomatoes, and herbs are easily grown in a pot during the spring and summer. This way you know what is going into your body.

Regardless of which way you use a juicer these healthy tips will help simplify the process for you. Juicing is a healthy way of living and sustaining a healthy body and mind.