5 Tips For a Healthier Thanksgiving

5 Tips For a Healthier Thanksgiving

In just a few short weeks we’ll gather together to give thanks for the unlimited good that surrounds us. You know what I mean: nature, prosperity, love, faith and an incredible planet that provides so much to us. Wouldn’t it be a shame to upset the balance of it all by overeating on the big day?

When it comes to gobbling up the goodies on turkey day, I encourage you to follow these suggestions for feasting:

Exercise at some point on the day of Thanksgiving
It’s very important that you exercise on Thanksgiving day. You may want to engage your family in going for a walk with you to enjoy the fresh air, the foliage, and time away from the kitchen so you can all just relax together.
And there’s another payoff: by exercising on this big day, you will eat less that night. And you will be more conscious of what you’re putting in your mouth.

Eat a protein-rich breakfast the day of Thanksgiving
Don’t fall into the trap of “Well, I am going to have a big dinner tonight so I will save my appetite for dinner”. That’s not correct and it won’t work. But, by having a protein- rich breakfast, you’ll stabilize your blood sugar levels, and that means fewer sugar cravings.

Drink at least 10 glasses of water during the day
By drinking at least 10 glasses of water today (starting as soon as you wake up), you will thoroughly and totally hydrate your body. That’s a good thing. Do it. This is another way to reduce sugar cravings because those in the know realize that often times, when your body appears to crave sugar, it’s because you are dehydrated. Who knew? But now you do, so drink up!

Portion control your plate
This is so crucial to not overstuffing your belly. Think of it as a secret mission to better health. When your hostess begins passing tempting trays of appetizers, grab a small plate. Don’t see one? Ask for one and use it. Placing appetizers on a plate assures that you take only the ones you really want and avoid adding unnecessary calories by trying everything in sight. And make sure the majority of items on that plate is lots of fresh vegetables. Yum!

Make a turkey and vegetable soup with the leftovers
So how did you do? At the end of the day you most likely have leftovers. Now what? By using the leftover turkey and vegetables, you can make a wonderful soup to nourish you. Soup gives your digestive system a break the next day. Just use a nice broth and add the turkey and veggies. Make some natural corn muffins and you’ve got a treat for everyone in your home.

Incorporating these healthy tips for Thanksgiving will free you of all the guilt that we normally put on ourselves when we eat too much. Make this the year that you truly enjoy the holiday season and remain healthy and happy.

All the best to you and yours this Thanksgiving day. I am grateful for your interest in this article and would love to hear how well you did in managing your Thanksgiving meal.